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May 14 2008 09:18 pm

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texas driver’s license

Texas Driver’s License
This was news to me. And trust me, I got my license out and looked. It’s really there!
Something all Texans should know, especially since this has received very little or no publicity.
Your Texas driver’s license has a phone number on the back, just above the bar code on the lower left side: 1-800-525-5555. (It’s VERY SMALL PRINT, but it IS there.) This number can be called for emergency assistance on the highway or wherever you might have trouble while in your car.
A service truck will be sent to you. This service is state operated, and paid for with your tax dollars.
If you are ever stranded, just call the number on your driver’s license…help is on the way.
A state trooper will be sent to make sure all is well. This one is worth passing on especially to all the women you know.

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2 Responses to “texas driver’s license”

  1. soubriquet on 06 Jun 2008 at 3:33 pm #

    Not true.
    Yes you have the number.
    Yes, calling it will get you assistance, a police officer, a tow truck….
    But no. It’s not free.
    The service paid by your tax dollars is the help number, not the assistance after the call.

    ” If a privately owned tow truck company or other private assistance service is dispatched, the motorist is responsible for any costs incurred. Information implying that this was a free service from the state was misrepresented in a widely circulated e-mail that led to increased use of the Roadside Assistance Hotline with the expectation of receiving free towing service.
    The Roadside Assistance Hotline also should be used to report debris in the roadway, suspicious activity at a rest area and intoxicated or dangerous drivers. It should not be used as an emergency number. ”

    (This was also the number advertised for reporting space shuttle debris.)

  2. Matt Van Camp on 05 Jan 2013 at 12:35 pm #

    states shold have a service like rhis!

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