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Dec 19 2010

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God Said No

God Said No

I asked God to take away my habit.
God said, No.
Rolling Eyes
It is not for me to take away, but for you to give it up.


I asked God to make my handicapped child whole.
God said, No.
His spirit is whole, his body is only temporary

I asked God to grant me patience. Thumbs Down
God said, No. Patience is a byproduct of tribulations;
it isn't granted, it is learned.

I asked God to give me happiness. Bounce
God said, No. I give you blessings; Happiness is up to you.
I asked God to spare me pain.
Crying 1
God said, No. Suffering draws you apart from worldly cares
and brings you closer to me.

I asked God to make my spirit grow.
God said, No.You must grow on your own! ,
but I will prune you to make you fruitful.

I asked God for all things that I might enjoy life.
God said, No.
I will give you life, so that you may enjoy all things.
Jumping Jacks

I asked God to help me LOVE others, as much as He loves me.
God said…Ahhhh, finally you have the idea.

If you love God, send this to ten people and
back to the person that sent it.


May God Bless You,

"To the world you might be one person, but to one person you just might be the world"

"May the Lord Bless you and keep you,
May the Lord Make his face shine upon you,
and give you Peace…..Forever"

"Good friends are like stars…You don't always see them,
but you know they are always there

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Sep 08 2010

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Creating Husbands

While creating Husbands,

God promised Women that good and ideal
Husbands would be found in every corner of the world.

And then He made the earth round….

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Sep 05 2010

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My Son


This is great.  Take a moment to read it; it will make your day!



The ending will surprise you.



Take my Son…..





A wealthy man and his son loved to collect rare works of art. They had everything in their collection, fromPicasso to Raphael. They would often sit together and admire the great works of art..




When the Vietnamconflict broke out, the son went to war. He was very courageous and died in battle while rescuing another soldier. The father was notified and grieved deeply for his only son.





About a month later, just before Christmas,



There was a knock at the door. A young man stood at the door with a large package in his hands..





He said, 'Sir, you don't know me, but I am the soldier for whom your son gave his life. He saved many lives that day, and he was carrying me to safety when a bullet struck him in the heart and he died instantly… He often talked about you, and your love for art.' The young man held out this package. 'I know this isn't much. I'm not really a great artist, but I think your son would have wanted you to have this.'





The father


Opened the package. It was a portrait of his son, painted by the young man. He stared in awe at the way the soldier had captured the personality of his son in the painting. The father was so drawn to the eyes that his own eyes welled up with tears. He thanked the young man and offered to pay him for the picture.. 'Oh, no sir, I could never repay what your son did for me. It's a gift.'





The father hung the portrait over his mantle. Every time visitors came to his home he took them to see the portrait of his son before he showed them any of the other great works he had collected.





The man died a few months later. There was to be a great auction of his paintings. Many influential people gathered, excited over seeing the great paintings and having an opportunity to purchase one for their collection.





On the platform sat the painting of the son. The auctioneer pounded his gavel. 'We will start the bidding with this picture of the son. Who will bid for this picture?'





There was silence…



Then a voice in the back of the room shouted, 'We want to see the famous paintings. Skip this one.'





But the auctioneer persisted. 'Will somebody bid for this painting? Who will start the bidding? $100, $200?'





Another voice angrily. 'We didn't come to see this painting. We came to see the Van Gogh's, the Rembrandts. Get on with the Real bids!'




But still the auctioneer continued. 'The son! The son! Who'll take the son?'




Finally, a voice came from the very back of the room. It was the longtime gardener of the man and his son. 'I'll give $10 for the painting…' Being a poor man, it was all he could afford.




'We have $10, who will bid $20?'



'Give it to him for $10. Let's see the masters.'




The crowd was becoming angry. They didn't want the picture of the son.





They wanted the more worthy investments for their collections.




The auctioneer pounded the gavel.. 'Going once, twice, SOLD for $10!'




A man sitting on the second row shouted, 'Now let's get on with the collection!'





The auctioneer laid down his gavel. 'I'm sorry, the auction is over.'




'What about the paintings?'





'I am sorry. When I was called to conduct this auction, I was told of a secret stipulation in the will… I was not allowed to reveal that stipulation until this time. Only the painting of the son would be auctioned. Whoever bought that painting would inherit the entire estate, including the paintings.





The man who took the son gets everything!'




God gave His son 2,000 years ago to die on the cross. Much like the auctioneer, His message today is: 'The son, the son, who'll take the son?'





Because, you see, whoever takes the Son gets everything.










Please send this to ten people and back to the one who sent it to you.

God Bless.

If I don't get this back, I will know you really didn't read it. I got this from someone and thought the last part was really a good thought..

Too bad  that the person who sent it to me did not know 10 people who would admit to knowing the Lord.

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Aug 27 2009

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Christian One Liners

 Christian One Liners 


Don’t let your worries get the

best of you; remember, Moses started

out as a basket case. 




Some people are kind, polite, and

sweet-spirited until you try to sit in their pews. 


Many folks want to serve God,

but only as advisors.


It is easier to preach ten sermons

than it is to live one. 


The good Lord didn’t create anything

without a purpose, but mosquitoes come close.. 


When you get to your wit’s end,

you’ll find God lives there.


People are funny; they want the front

of the bus, the middle of the road, and

the back of the church


Opportunity may knock once, but temptation

bangs on your front door forever.


Quit griping about your church;

if it was perfect, you couldn’t belong..


If the church wants a better preacher,

it only needs to pray for the one it has.


God Himself does not propose to judge

a man until he is dead. So why should you? 


Some minds are like concrete

thoroughly mixed up and permanently set. 


Peace starts with a smile.. 


A lot of church members who are singing

‘Standing on the Promises’

are just sitting on the premises.


We were called to be witnesses,

not lawyers or judges..


Be ye fishers of men.. You catch

them – He’ll clean them. 


Coincidence is when God

chooses to remain anonymous.


Don’t put a question mark

where God put a period.


Don’t wait for 6 strong men

to take you to church. 


Forbidden fruits create many jams. 


God doesn’t call the qualified,

He qualifies the called.


God grades on the cross, not the curve.


God loves everyone, but probably prefers

‘fruit of the spirit’ over a ‘religious nut!’ 


God promises a safe landing,

not a calm passage. 


He who angers you, controls you!


If God is your Co-pilot – swap seats! 



Don’t give God instructions — just report for duty!


The task ahead of us is never as

great as the Power behind us. 


The Will of God never takes you to

where the Grace of God will not protect you. 


We don’t change the message,

the message changes us .


You can tell how big a person is

by what it takes to discourage him. 


The best mathematical equation

I have ever seen: 

1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given. 


If this e-mail blessed you in a profound

way today, my Friend, PLEASE pass

this along to bless others today,

tomorrow and ALWAYS!

May God and His Son bless you

From today on out!

I bet someone will LOVE it

just as much as you did.


God Bless America!

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