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Aug 03 2010

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Why are Cigarettes called fags


Why are Cigarettes called fags

It seems that it originates in a term used in sailing, or shipping. In ship or sailor terms, a "Fag-end" was a rope that was frayed and useless at the end. Cigarettes have a non-smokable butt (or filter) on one end that is useless, so the term "Fag" got applied to the butts, and ended up being used for the whole of the cigarette. The word "fag" is a British term, used to describe a tobacco cigarette.


In addition


  • The term "fag" is also short for Middle English "Fagge," or to droop. A fag is a student at a British public school who is also required to perform menial tasks for a student in a higher class.

  • In British English, it means to drudge or do fatiguing or tedious work.

    As previously stated, it means a cigarette and is short for the term "fag end," which means the butt of a cigarette. And it also means the last and worst part, the frayed end of a length of cloth or rope, an inferior or worn-out remnant or a broken thread in cloth, something that hangs loose.


USA and London?

hope people from London don't come to usa and ask for a cigarettes. i heard people from London calls cigarettes FAG. would not be funny if they came up to us and asked us for a FAG. and also i never could understand why they call people LORD. in the states there is only 1 LORD . that is the one in heaven.


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