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May 12 2008

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Your House As Seen By;    


Your Lender…

Your Buyer…    

Your Appraiser…    

Your County Tax Assessor..    

If you don’t send this to five friends right away, there will be five   fewer people laughing in the world!

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May 03 2008

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Why Women Live Longer – Awesome ‘I’m the man’ pic…

Standing on a bucket on TOP of a ladder.  Brilliant !!!
This CAN’T be right.
Ummmm???  At least someone’s holding the ladder steady.
Isn’t this a violation of the seatbelt laws?
Shouldn’t he be wearing a lifejacket?
Wonder what he makes an hour?  It can’t be enough.
Who needs a truck?
I get by with a little help from my friends.
Oh yeah, THAT’s safe!
HMMM, maybe he couldn’t see the huge yellow sign that said CLEARANCE.
Hey, I strapped it down.
Hey, he has a special license to drive that truck.
Maybe we shouldn’t have parked it on the side of a hill.
No problem, I can see through the holes.
It starts at a young age and men just get worse.
You hold it while I whack it with this hammer.
A new OSHA approved substitute for ladders.
Ropes are for sissies.
Kubota’s new tractor mounted scaffolding.
Always obey traffic signs.
All I wanna know is, HOW?
Now I wanna know why?
One way to beat high gas prices.
I can cut it down AND load it in the truck!!! 

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Apr 29 2008

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359-lb grouper

Medical student lands 359-lb grouper

November 13, 2007
THIBODAUX , La. –A medical student who blindfolds his friends to keep his favorite offshore fishing spot secret has come up with a record-beating fish — a warsaw grouper weighing 359.1 pounds.
The giant hauled in by J.J. Tabor of Thibodaux is 12 ounces above the previous Louisiana state record, a state biologist confirmed.
It’s been cut down to fillets. The first fillet t weighed 53 pounds, Tabor said.
He caught it near an oil rig 70 miles south of Fourchon, in 400 feet of water. He won’t give a more specific description.
‘It’s J.J.’s secret,’ said Joey Rodrigue, a friend from Baton Rouge who joined Tabor and Tabor’s father, John, on the record -making trip Saturday. ‘I don’t even know where I was. He blindfolds us on the way out.’
Tabor said he thought at first that his hook with a live hardtail on it had it the bottom ‘until I felt the big head shake.’
Rodrigue steered away from the rig.
‘I put myself in a harness and just had to lay back and fight,’ J.J. Tabor said. ‘It was about a 15 or 20 minute fight.’
Tabor cleaned the fish late Monday afternoon outside his father’s auto repair shop in Thibodaux. ‘We’ll split it up,’ he said. ‘I’ll make some phone calls an d try to get rid of it fresh. The rest, we’ll vacuum pack it and cook it later.’
Tabor says he believes t he fish is about 33 years old. He plans to send an inner-ear bone called the otolith to a university in Florida where researchers can help determine the age of the fish. He hopes to get the results in about four weeks.
The world record, caught off Florida in 1985, is 436 pounds, 12 ounces.



Apr 28 2008

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Think your shoes are uncomfortable?

Think your shoes are uncomfortable?
The latest rage in Japan ….







Feel Better?


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